Friday, 25 May 2012


I've just been sent some most excellent pictures of Charlton the otter, who's clearly been having a very exciting time.  Big thanks to Laura Miles who sent these in - they're absolutely brilliant.

Charlton bids farewell to his chums at Bellis Gallery, Brighton.

Departures, Heathrow Airport.  WHERE are you going, Charlton?
And what have you got in your bag?

(answer at the bottom of the post)

Here he is enjoying a heritage tourism trail in the heart of Melbourne city centre.  It's winter in Australia so he's been looking for some woolly gloves to keep his paws warm.  Charlton likes staying close to the trendy spots on the waterfront and boasting about his travels to the local possums and echidnas.

(Charlton's carry-on bag was stuffed full of chocolate bars he can't get in Australia. Luckily he shares with his pet humans.)

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