Friday, 22 June 2012


Little Oscar has gone to live in Newhaven and hasn't let the fact that he's clutching a bouquet of flowers hold him back from being a great scientist - oh no.  Super big thanks to Ilona Schofield for her excellent documentation of Oscar and all of his experiments.

Wow, those chemicals look pretty full on, Oscar.  Shouldn't you be wearing a lab coat?

Oscar appears to weigh lighter than air!

This looks impressively technical.

Oscar appears to be carrying out some research into doorbells, which is clearly a very important field for both domestic otters and scientists alike.

I have to confess that a simple otter such as myself has absolutely no idea what this piece of equipment is, or what Oscar is doing with it.  Any ideas?  Anyone?

After a hard day in the lab, it's very important to write up your research.

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