Saturday, 25 July 2015

Orla (pt II)

We met up with Orla and her carer Katie earlier this month.

Orla looked well and we exchanged ottery gossip (I didn't have much as I never do anything fun these days except for sitting on the shelf wearing a green sombrero). She told me all about the holiday she had in France last year and promised to send photos.

So here they are.  Brace yourselves - they're good.

Orla chooses to fly Easyjet and always has her boarding pass to paw, plus she's very safety conscious, and sits with her seat belt fastened at all times.

It can be a bit daunting for a little otter travelling abroad and waking up in a strange place.  What if they don't speak Otter there?  Fortunately, Orla's travelling companions make sure she gets lots of love and reassurance.

Obviously it's not long before Orla takes to the water - and has a good towel down afterwards.

After all that activity, it's definitely time for lunch - and a drop or five of the local plonk.  We heartily approve of your choice of rosé, Orla.

Afterwards, it's time to mingle with the locals.  I think if you speak Otter, you can probably get by in Badger.

Nice work Orla, and thanks to Katie for the lovely snaps.

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