Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What Olympia Did Next

Well, it seems that Olympia is having a whale of a time with Benjamin & Michael from TheBigForest!

She is having so much fun that they have been documenting her activities (which seem mostly concerned with property matters at the moment).  They are promising more fun and photos as time goes on, so I have kindly offered to devote this one post to her and update it as they come in. Stay tuned!

(Actually, I'm quite jealous.  Maybe I can go and stay with them for a while.)

Olympia's new seaside retreat (compact and bijou).

"Now, where's my medal? Ah - there it is".

I'm such a hungry girl! Now where are those kippers, donuts, trifle, full English, roast dinner . . .

Olympia meeting with a dashing Ginger. His name is Millard. At first we thought they were exchanging drugs but  then realised it was a boy/girl thang  . . .

Olympia was just off to the front garden to trim some mint to sprinkle on the new potatoes for their evening meal when she made a shock discovery! "A bear, Millard, a bear!"

Another little Olympia (yes, there is more than one!) went to live in France with a nice lady called Béatrice.  She is currently holidaying with her in Germany and Béatrice has kindly taken some pictures of Olympia trying to practice her diving in the pool. There appear to be a few issues with that, however.

Olympia finds a good vantage point to check out the facilities.

Now, shall I dive in from here . . . ?

. . . or here?

Er . . . oops.

In that case, better have a sit down

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