Monday, 16 June 2014

Luke & The Tattoo Convention

Wowee!  It looks as if Luke is a very busy and adventurous little otter, as we've just received some quite astounding pics of him at a tattoo and piercing convention in Dortmund, Germany.

I think he managed to avoid getting tattooed and pierced but he did make a lot of friends. 

"So here I am at the convention"

All eyes on Luke . . .

"Shall I get my face painted like this lady?"

She definitely needs a Luke tattoo on that arm

Oh, Luke!  You are a one!

Ding dong! Luke is a real ladies' otter

JJ Abrams - we think you need another Luke in the new Star Wars movie

"So. . . it's a toss up between a clam on my tummy or fish on my bum . . ."

And finally, here is our favourite, favourite picture.

Luke, you are our hero.

Thank you to Heidy for taking Luke out on such a fun day and for all the brilliant pictures.

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