Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Elke bought Luke as a gift for Heidy, and he's gone to live in Germany.

Firstly, he's been introduced to Jenny the dog (who seems quite happy to see him) and Heidy has promised lots of trips and adventures, so we can't wait to see those.

Before he left, Luke was a model for a few photos.  Check him in this one! The sharp of eye will notice he's wearing Augustus's bobble hat.  He did give it back though.)


Luke has just seen this post and was so excited, he's made Heidy take more photos.  Let's see them then, Luke!

It's official. Jenny and Luke are in love.

Luke is also making other animal friends.  We love this one.

No Luke, I don't think that otter's going to share his fish with you.

These otters might though.

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